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Benefits of a Breeze Ambassador

  • Leisure to select any free Breeze Merchandise & to be worn/used/represented responsibly 
  • Encouraged to highlight this selective leadership position in resumes & as job references
  • Provided with academic and professional resources for pre/current/post college careers
  • Invited into a community and network of other ambitious and passionate Breeze Ambassadors
  • All Breeze Ambassadors participate in giving back to the community by spreading the word of Getaway Breeze, where we donate 10% of sales to specifically targeted non-profits and area in need. More info can be found here 

What does a Breeze Ambassador do?

  • Breeze Ambassadors are expected to support Getaway Breeze's mission statement in educating and empowering all those who aspire to travel one day
  • Breeze Ambassadors promote their favorite Breeze products to their audiences, high school/college campuses, etc with approval by their district manager 
    • This can be done through Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posts  or setting up flyers on campus bulletin boards etc
  • Breeze Ambassadors may aid with recruitment process for incoming Current/Dream Travelers
  • Breeze Ambassadors will meet virtually with a Breeze Ambassador Manager to discuss how the role of a Breeze Ambassador is going and how Getaway Breeze can support individual personal goals (whether that be academically, financially, or professionally). 

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So how do I become a Breeze Ambassador?

All Breeze Ambassadors:

  • Upholds the following traits of being:
    • Approachable  
      • We do not necessarily value outgoing-ness or being a extrovert as our number one but rather one's openness to friendly conversations with the curious 
    • Compassionate
      • We understand that everyone is different in their own ways and our ambassadors do their best to understand before acting of prior knowledge
    • Professionalism
      • Breeze Ambassadors are the faces of Getaway Breeze, be memorable for the right reasons
    • Responsible
      • Agreed upon tasks with ambassador managers must be met timely and in a mature/professional manner
  • We encourage all age groups to join our community over the age of 13
  • There is no geography location restrictions in applying
  • Fill out the form below and be as specific as possible
    • Be prepared to respond to a few questions (there is no word count requirement/limit but the more information there is the better)
  • Potential phone/Skype interview
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