Our Mission:

Why is it that, during the most important moments, our phones run out of battery and dies?! Now quickly imagine, a phone that NEVER dies! Well, while that kind of phone does not exist yet, with one of our Breeze Battery Backpacks, you will never have to worry about low battery levels and using your hands to carry portable chargers again! Our design is designed by the latest backpack trends in fashion today with functionality taken under consideration. Furthermore a customized 4,000 mAh battery pack is included in each Breeze Battery Backpacks!

Now every time you have your backpack, you also have a troublesome-free portable charger!

While it is easy to forget your portable charger at home, I bet you won't forget your backpack! 

If you are interested in purchasing a Breeze Battery Backpack, you are in luck!

The first 50 purchases will be on a limited time sale of $44.95!

Hurry up and get yours today! 

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Jet Black Series

Charcoal Gray Series

Navy Blue Series