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One of our ultimate goals is to successfully finance and support individuals who dreamed for a getaway but are unable to due to personal reasons. Thus we have generated several projects to aid this goal while improving the traveling lifestyles of all travelers world-wide! 

Furthermore, 10% of all sales will go to our deeds!

Look below for our upcoming launches!  

USB Battery Backpack



The Getaway Breeze USB battery backpack is designed for travelers valuing efficiency, environmental friendliness, and fashion. Each backpack has an embedded USB cord as shown on the right side to charge your phone or any other devices. Any portable battery pack you already have can be used with the USB converter within the backpack (Each Breeze backpack will come with a customized battery pack). This backpack is not only designed to distribute weight equally across your back but also water-resistant. *Not waterproof* 


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Ultra-Slim Power Bank

The Getaway Breeze Ultra-Slim Power Bank is slimmer than an iphone packing a reasonable battery power of 2600 mAh *An estimate one full charge can fully charge an average iphone 6* This power bank can also fit in an average wallet. The ultra slim power bank is designed to be extra portable and convenient to use without an annoying charging wire. 

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2x Insulator Bottle

The Getaway Breeze 2x Insulator Bottle aims to keep your drinks hot and cold substantially longer than other thermoses. The 2x stands for a double vacuum sealing technology to keep heat and coldness within longer. Each insulator bottle comes with a tea strainer for the brewing of coffee or tea. The outside material is designed for a strong grip and protects your hand from being burned from your drink. 

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