you just finished a long week of exams or a tiresome month long project, and you finally have some alone time to do what you have dreaded, to relax. There is a unspoken but shared ritual all humans share and here we call it, your getaway breeze. You retreat to a place of comfort (home maybe?) or you finally go on that getaway you saved up (maybe Hawaii?) to unload. Then, "the breeze" hits. You close your eyes as you inhale that freedom air, exhaling that over-satisfying sigh, and it is at that moment you feel freed and at peace. This is what a getaway breeze is and we are here to help you obtain yours! 

Our Mission

Getaway Breeze strives to inform, encourage, and empower all heart-dwelling travelers. We inform through researching and sharing various beautiful and hidden destinations universally yet to be explored by you. We encourage all potential and veteran travelers to continue to travel through our gallery and products. Additionally we empower all travelers with plentiful resources when creating individual traveling adventures to come!

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